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Surge Episode 1

Surge with Dustin

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1y Mar 21, 2020

Push your fitness and mental strength to the max using 4 full body exercises in 30 second intervals. The question is, how many rounds can you do? Push your fitness and mental strength!
This simple workout is 30 sec work for all four movements, after all four are completed you get thirty seconds rest. You need ZERO equipment, just you and a space the size of a yoga mat. Lets go.

Time Description
30s Squat jumps to rebound – minimize ground contact but maximize your jump height.
30s Hands off push ups – squeeze the scapula with the hands off, straight line from ear to heel on the 30 sec Push up (don' let that belly sag.)
30s Broad to high knee return – land with your hips the height of your knees, back parallel to your shins, land soft, high knees on the run back to the start position, opposite arm leg swing.
30s Super person/man – thumbs up, hands high, arms long. Thighs off the floor.
30s Rest.
30s x 4 Rest. If you need more rest take it, for those surging forward, keep it to 30sec rest.

Don't have much time? Hit 4 rounds in 10 minutes. Got more time? Want to surge forward? Hit 8-10 rounds. Looking to hit the top of the mountain? Go for 11-16 in thirty.

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