Caesar: Veni, Vidi, Vici. (Strategy&Tactics Quarterly Magazine Review)

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3y Mar 29, 2018

FYI I promise my future reviews will be better and less rushed!!

A few days ago I received a complimentary issue of Caesar VENI, VIDI, VICI by Strategy&Tactics Quarterly and this is my first history book/magazine review! Honestly I am really impressed, the author is Joseph Miranda (some of you will be familiar with his wargames) and it presents an excellent overview of the political and social history of Ancient Rome while also effectively covering the ''Roman War Machine.''

Starting well before the arrival of Julius Caesar into the military and political spectrum this magazine covers the political, social and military reforms that would often times be forced through the senate to address the complex issues that the Roman military, government and citizens faced. In this article you see a variety of characters come into focus from the mainstream to the obscure featuring men like Quintus Sertorius (Marian supporter in Hispania,) Spartacus, Gaius Manlius, Gaius Marius, Sulla, Mithridates VI, Titus Milo, Publius Clodius Pulcher, Cicero, Pompey, Jugurtha, a variety of ''barbarian leaders and of course Julius Caesar and the roles that all of these figures played in the history of the Roman Republic.

What really stood out to me the most were the illustrations and maps. They are absolutely incredible and this issue features over twenty maps along with a large double sided map that one can display however he/she chooses. One of my biggest complaints with the average history book is that there are not enough illustrations or maps used to bring the geography, campaigns and battles to life and that complaint is non existent with this magazine. Many of you are familiar with OSPREY publishing known for their illustrations and maps featuring the break down and descriptions of soldiers, campaigns and battles. That being said I personally must say this magazine easily replaces them for me as it provides far more information and it doesn't just limit itself to the military aspects of the topic at hand.

From the maps and illustrations and stories the reader is presented with a vast timeline of events including events outside of the Roman Republic, interesting ''did you know?'' facts, and great quotes from Antiquity.

From the rise Marius and Sulla this magazine takes you through the stories of men who set the foundation for the rise and eventual fall of Julius Caesar. From his personal life to his friends and enemies Julius Caesar is revealed in his complexity in a manner that everyone can read and understand from the history veterans to the beginners.

The magazine ends with a fun Caesar ''self help'' section for leaders and a short but interesting bibliography many of which I own but also revealing a few that I do not and that eventually I will have to add to my collection.

Overall this was a quick and incredibly interesting read that I highly suggest to any history buff wanting to read about ancient Rome and Roman warfare.

Below I included a link to the magazine for anyone who would like to check it out and possibly compare your thoughts with mine. I also included some pictures below that you might enjoy.
Have you read anything of late relating to ancient history that you would like to suggest? If so comment below!


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