Why I Teach About Race and Ethnicity in the Classical World ~ Dr. Rebecca Futo Kennedy

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1y Jul 11, 2020

Welcome to Race and Ethnicity in the Ancient Mediterranean! In this first episode we introduce Dr. Rebecca Futo Kennedy and she guides us through why she chooses to teach about race and ethnicity in the classical world.

She goes through what inspired her to focus on these issues and the political rhetoric of her time but also the political rhetoric in ancient history as well such as Athens. Instead of just standing by and watching modern discourses and politics being imposed on the ancient world she chose to search and see what the ancients actually thought and how they viewed these issues.

Throughout this series we will explore racism in modern classical studies, Black Athena, problems with "Western Civilization," while also debunking myths like the Dorian Invasion and so very much.

Doctor Rebecca Futo Kennedy is Associate Professor of Classics, Women's and Gender Studies, and Environmental Studies at Denison University; and the Director of the Denison Museum. Her research focuses on the political, social, and cultural history of Classical Athens, Athenian tragedy, ancient immigration, ancient theories of race and ethnicity, and the reception of those theories in modern race science.

Support Dr. Rebecca Futo Kennedy and her awesome work at all of these great sites!

Academia: https://denison.academia.edu/RebeccaKennedy

Blog: https://rfkclassics.blogspot.com/

Buy her books: https://www.amazon.com/kindle-dbs/entity/author/B0024JIKS4

Twitter: https://twitter.com/kataplexis

Why I teach about race and ethnicity in the classical world (article.)


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