From Orphan to Legend: The Life and Times of Alfonso VIII of Castile ~ Dr. Kyle C. Lincoln

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1y Apr 19, 2020

Alfonso VIII (11 November 1155 – 5 October 1214), called the Noble (El Noble) or the one of Las Navas (el de las Navas), was the King of Castile from 1158 to his death and King of Toledo. He is most remembered for his part in the Reconquista and the downfall of the Almohad Caliphate. After having suffered a great defeat with his own army at Alarcos against the Almohads in 1195,he led the coalition of Christian princes and foreign crusaders who broke the power of the Almohads in the Battle of Las Navas de Tolosa in 1212, an event which marked the arrival of a tide of Christian supremacy on the Iberian peninsula.His reign saw the domination of Castile over León and, by his alliance with Aragon, he drew those two spheres of Christian Iberia into close connection.

In this story Doctor Lincoln guides us back into a world of tragedy, misfortune and triumph as we follow a soon to be orphan who will be thrown into a world of political turmoil from a young age but will slowly and cunningly grow in power as he establishes himself as one of the greatest monarchs in Medieval History. From warding off rival Christian and Islamic kingdoms to vicious battlefields, diplomatic relations, and the establishment of wonderful sites throughout Medieval Spain Alfonso VIII carved out a portion of Spain and history for himself and had such an impact that even after many centuries we are still studying his life and times.

This episode is lectured by Doctor Kyle C. Lincoln who many of you will be familiar with as the recipient of the Lone Medievalist Teaching Prize for 2019! This is the second episode of a three part series and I am really excited to be here as Dr. Lincoln guides us into the complicated society and world that is Medieval Iberia.

For more information on Dr. Lincoln and his awesome work check out these links below to his book and other writings!

Edited by Miguel Gómez, Kyle C. Lincoln and Damian J. Smith

Academia Profile: https://uwlax.academia.edu/KyleLincoln

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