Between the Ancient Picts and Romans: Exploring Hadrian's Wall with Alexander Iles.

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5m Apr 19, 2021

In this episode we bring you the first episode of a long series that explore ancient and medieval sites throughout the British Isles with none other than our history friend, teacher and tour guide Alexander Iles of Iles Tours.

In this presentation you are transported back through time into the very heart of Ancient History focusing on Late Antiquity and you are deployed to the very edge of the Roman Empire.

You find yourself on a great wall between the Legionaries of the Roman Empire and the proud peoples of the ancient Pictish world.

On the ground level the tour guide takes you along the wall describing not just what he can see but what it would have been like to live your life along this historic wall that stretches across Northern England.

He notices small things that many of us would miss and explains how these small almost unnoticed details can actually tell us quite a bit about the past.

Finally he discusses the wall of Hadrian today and how it has become a normal feature in the every day lives of those who live there today just as it would have been all of those ages ago.

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