The Goodtimes

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2m May 20, 2021

This is from March 7th 2020, just before the shut down. We had a memorial for Richard Howes. Representing the Goodtimes are, Debi Young on Keys and vocals, Mardel Chowen of flute and sax, Robert Eddy on bass and vocals, Don Young on drums and me on guitar and vocals. This will probably be my last post here on youtube as google sucks. So here is a link to my new video site, https://utreon.com/c/HaroldThomas/
Come check it out, you can post there too if you wish! Enjoy.

About Harold Thomas

A collection of videos. Just having fun with an old phone and video editor! Hope everyone enjoys, it's all for fun! Any and all comments are welcome. These are music videos and meant for all to enjoy.


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