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1y Dec 13, 2019

https://www.davincitech.com/ - Here's a quick look at how to thoroughly clean your DAVINCI IQ2 vaporizer.

To keep the IQ2 working optimally, we recommend that all parts that come in contact with vapor are cleaned regularly.

Start by removing the mouthpiece. Separate the gasket from the mouthpiece and place into glass or a safe container, filled with enough isopropyl alcohol to submerge all of the pieces.

Remove the flavor chamber by using your metal pick tool located underneath the top lid of the IQ. Gently insert the metal pick tool and lift the flavor chamber out of the IQ2. Remove the center cap also using the metal pick tool.

To clean the oven, open the bottom lid of the IQ2 and use the metal pick to gently remove all material inside the chamber. Use the brush to sweep the inside of the oven.

Once the oven is free from debris, use a Q-tip dipped in isopropyl alcohol and swab inside of the oven and around the pearl. Use isopropyl alcohol wipe to clean the loading area and pearl.

Allow the IQ2 to dry and perform a burnoff cycle before the next use and any time you want to remove residual odors, loosen material for cleaning and especially after thoroughly cleaning your vaporizer.

To clean the exterior of your DaVinci IQ2 wipe all all sides of the device with a lightly dampened cloth and allow to dry. Use isopropyl alcohol wipes to clean any other heavy residue on the IQ2. DO NOT USE SOAP OR HOUSEHOLD CLEANERS.

Allow the components to soak for a considerable amount of time, which will vary depending on use. Once most residue appears to be loosened from components simply drain the dish with alcohol and transfer components into a dish of warm water or warm running water to rinse thoroughly.

Allow to dry and then reassemble the IQ2.

Thank you for watching! For more information about your DaVinci IQ2, please feel free to contact us through our support page - https://www.davincitech.com/support or give us a call 1-800-336-7224

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