LoveSick CANCELLED? | DrApeis "Exposed"? (Leaked DMs, Art theft, DOXXING and Raiding?) - Love Letter

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11m Aug 5, 2020

Old Twitter Got Suspended, NEW TWITTER: https://twitter.com/harleytbsyt UPDATE (Love Letter got CANCELLED): https://youtu.be/m34ejx4gUQU

This video shows the bigger issues with LoveSick's (Love Letter: My True Feelings) developer DrApeis and discusses them with the intent of helping DrApeis become a better person overall and hoping it influences him to succeed in making the best Yandere Simulator possible.

LoveSick CANCELLED | DrApeis Exposed (Leaked DMs, Art theft, DOXXING and Raiding) - Someweirdpastegaming, Someordinarygamers, Spete, DrApeis, YandereDev, TheGameSleuth

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