Sloppy Joe’s Signature Cocktail - 1933 Sloppy Joe’s Bar Havana Cuba

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1m Feb 24, 2021

This is from the Original one and only Sloppy Joe's Bar in Havana Cuba. Not to be confused with the later copycat bar in Key West Florida that changed its name to Sloppy Joe's Bar after Prohibition ended... trying to fool patrons into believing it was an outpost of the original. This is a cognac (brandy) cocktail, that may not suit every palate.

2 parts of pineapple juice
1 part of Martell cognac “Three Stars”
1 part port wine
A few drops of grenadine and curaçao

Shake with cracked ice, and serve in a tall glass.

Home made Grenadine: https://youtu.be/1qQj1TECSPI

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welcome friends welcome back to cocktails after dark today we're going to do a cocktail out of this tiny little cocktail book called sloppy joe's bar season 1933 and sloppy joe's bar was in havana cuba and every season they put out one of these tiny little books and they weren't for sale it was a it was a souvenir that they gave you if you were a patron of their bar and so 1933 that's at the end of american prohibition but it's in the middle of the depression and so those people who had money um but maybe not enough money to go to paris went to cuba and spent some time drinking and partying and gambling because cuba was crazy at that time so we're going to do something called the sloppy joe from the sloppy joe's bar and we start out with some pineapple juice so we start out with pineapple juice and i'm making two cocktails today so we're gonna double this up

and then he says martel cognac which is one of the few brands that he lists off i just have a regular old cognac here

and then port wine

and then a few drops of curacao

that's maybe more than a few and the same of grenadine


ice this down

now it says to pour into a tall glass and the picture shows something like this like a champagne flute so we're going to give that a go

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