British Ration Week Episode 3: Creative Cooking

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3y Jan 22, 2018

Much of the popular media about wartime rationing spends a lot of time looking at the crazy examples of weird and frightening recipes that appeared during this time - because that's what attracts audience attention. In reality, the strange recipes are not attempts to make terrible foods palatable, but rather attempts to make repetitive ingredients more interesting. Today's Welsh Eggs, for instance, are a way to use powdered eggs in a way that hides their lack of texture.

Day 3 Menu:

Breakfast: Potato, Bacon and Green Onion hash, tea
Lunch: Split Pea Soup (made with Spam instead of bacon)
Tea: Peach Clafouti, tea
Dinner: Welsh Eggs on toast, sauteed kale

For the recipes for today's dishes - and lots of other details about the experiment - please see our data page at InRange.tv:

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