Egypt and the Bronze Age Collapse

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1y Sep 5, 2020

In this episode we dive into the Bronze Age collapse from the Egyptian perception. We start off by briefly giving a summary of the Bronze Age collapse for those who may not be familiar with the subject.

We will explore three invasions of the Sea Peoples and the Pharaohs who reigned during these periods. We will also discuss the different groups of the Sea Peoples who invaded and the battles that took place.

Though ancient Egypt was one of the few empires to survive the collapse, it never recovered its former height. What impacts did the collapse have on Egypt? Don't worry, we have you covered!

"My sword is great and mighty like that of Montu. No land can stand fast before my arms. I am a king rejoicing in slaughter. My reign is calmed in peace." With this claim, Ramses III implicated that his reign is safe in the wake of fallout from the Bronze Age.

This episode is going to lead to the next upcoming episode which will be the Bronze Age Collapse in the Bible.

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