Mt. Shishapangma Expedition 2021 |Climbing Mt. Shishapangma

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7y Jun 9, 2014

Mt. Shishapangma Expedition 2021 |Climbing Mt. Shishapangma
Killer Mount Shisapangma Expedition 2021
Tibet Expedition
Climbing Mount Shishapangma
Youngest Mount Shishapangma in 8000m.
Summit Shishapangma 2021
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Shishapangma Expedition
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Shishapangma camp 3
Tibet Expedition 2021
Shishapangma Summit Ridge
Climbing Shishapangma

Mount Shisapangma is one of the very lovely mountain of China, which lies in the autonomous region of China called the Tibet, Only a very few people in the world had idea about the mount Shisapangma before the Chinese opened Tibet to the western submitter in 1978. The Tibetans regard it as the very holy mountain. It is the youngest mountain among the peaks situated above the height of 8000m; and there are only fourteen mountains above the 8000m high Himalayan ranges. Till to date many climbers have succeeded to approach on its apex.

Shisapangma Expedition The North West normal route to mount Shisapangma takes us up easy angled snow slopes to 35 degrees with one steeper section. The necessary lines will be fixed and placed on the steeper or crevasses sections. Following our acclimatization in Zhangmu & Nyalam Mount Shisapangma Expedition 2021 | Tibet Expedition we will arrive at the base camp (5000m) to make ready our final preparations and acclimatization walks. Yaks transport our expedition gear from Base camp 5000m, to ABC at 5,400m. Three further camps will be placed to go ahead en-route.

Camp 1 - 6,730m -- After 6-7 hours walk we reach in camp 2 through crossing many snowy slopes by fixing ropes in the places of crevasses.

Camp 2 - 7,045m -- After 5-6 hours we reach camp 3 via steep ascent leading to very gentle ground below the northwest ridge.
Camp 3 - 7,400m -- From Camp 3, it t
Lake 9-12 hours to reach on the summit. The situation of the groups/climbers physical fitness; and also the favorable condition of the weather depends the climbing ahead.
Some times the extra additional days are also required for acclimatization at different places until climbers succeed the summit. If the climber succeeds the mountaineering early than the scheduled tenure they may leave the base camp before the prescribed time as well.

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