24 Minute Boxing Punch Bag HIIT Workout. Boxing Cardio blast!

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2y Sep 8, 2018

24 Minute Punch Bag HIIT workout is the second version of this series. Get in front of your heavy bag, press play, listen to the instruction and shred. This Boxing HIIT workout has multiple rounds of boxing combinations, and conditions sets. You'll rip combinations 1 minute hard followed by a lighter shorter round with very little rest. It's a 24 Minute Heavy bag Boxing session good for all levels. Stay on the look out for new workouts using Striketec Punch Sensors, the worlds best punch tracking system. Now, you'll see exactly how you performed in my workouts using the striketec app. Your workouts are about to elevate once again!

About Nate Bower Fitness

Nate Bower is a certified PTS, boxing instructor, personal trailer, and competitive athlete based out of Toronto Ontario, Canada. This channel offers boxing workouts, heavy bag workouts, high intensity interval training, motivation, timed session workout routines, and more.

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Nice video.

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