Operating the Swiss 1851 Feldstutzer muzzleloader

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5y Jun 10, 2016

Bloke takes his favourite smokepole for a fondle. This rifle is one of the early model 1851 Feldstutzers in 10.5mm calibre.

Detailed info in this exact rifle is here: http://militarygunsofeurope.eu/listing/swiss-1851-federal-carbine/

It shoots a 300gn compression bullet at 1400 fps, and was used by "Schützen" regiments in the mid 19th century. These units were essentially light infantry who were good shots, and the closest that European armies got to snipers at the period, engaging at longer ranges than the line infantry.

The rifle itself it basically a militarised target rifle, and is really quite heavy. Bloke would not have liked to have had to carry it around all day!

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