Autosaver88 4" Combo Light Review and Install on Our SVT Raptor

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1m Sep 19, 2021

In today's episode we're installing Autosaver88 4" combo lights in our SVT Raptor! Autosave88 reached out to us and asked us to review their lights for the channel. We picked 2 sets of their 4" combo lights and we used them to replace the existing fog lights we had on the Raptor. We wanted to see if the quality of the lights seemed good and, most importantly, how good a job the Autosaver88 lights did lighting up the night. Well boy howdy let us tell you, these suckers are bright! And the lights themselves seem darn good quality. So grab yourself something delicious and come along with Uncle Jake and Dr. Torque and see for yourself as we review and install the Autosaver88 4" combo lights on our SVT Raptor!

AUTOSAVER88 2 PCS 4" Combo Light: https://amz.fun/4H6m2
AUTOSAVER88 32" LED Light Bar: https://amz.fun/FV4xe

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