Introduction and Zeroing the RDS Glock

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3y Sep 2, 2017

With this video we're launching another series of videos on InRange regard our exploration of the RDS enhanced Glock.

The goal in the end of this series is to discuss what the RDS Glock brings the table:

Is it really a significant enhancement and force multiplier?
Does a compensator really make a difference with a 9mm Luger pistol?
What can you do with a RDS pistol that you can't do otherwise?
Will scores improve?
Is it viable to CCW a Roland Special day-in and day-out?
Is the Leupold DPP more reliable than the RMR?
...and more.

Ultimately this will culminate in becoming an DIY "Roland Special", similar in goals and functionality to the original design but build from 3rd party parts and done mostly at home from my desk.

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