SMG Guns - DPM & RP46 - The Operator's Guide

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3y May 5, 2018

SMG Guns out of Decatur, Texas is now offering an absolutely superb semi-automatic DPM as well as an RP46 belt fed conversion.

Feel free to contact Rick with any questions here:

This operator's guide video intends to walk you through everything you need to know to enjoy this piece of history successfully and safely.

The History:
The Dp-28 was used heavily throughout WW2 by a number of belligerents, most prolifically the Soviet Union and Finland.

The DP-28 was a fantastic portable light machine gun, but it had some issues which were mitigated by the improved DPM.

Post war the Soviets realized that while they had a good LMG in their inventory, it could not keep up with the belt fed MG34 and 42s they opposed during the war so they created an ingenious and successful conversion for their currently fielded DPMs - the RP46.

The RP46 still shows up from time to time in battlefields today but it has been replaced by the PK, and then the PKM. The PKM is absolutely the son of the RP46 in concept, role, and application.

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