What happens if you bring LEGION and GRUNT to recruit Tali in ME2? | Mass Effect Legendary Edition

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1m Jul 26, 2021

In today's Mass Effect Legendary Edition video, we'll be exploring Tali's recruitment mission on Haestrom in Mass Effect 2 & what happens if you bring Legion & Grunt with you for this mission.

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00:00 - Legion & Tali overview
01:31 - Grunt?
01:40 - How to bring Legion to Haestrom
02:13 - First banter
03:00 - Quarian Architecture
03:25 - Shutter room
04:04 - Kal'Reegar
04:43 - Talis reaction (Paragon interrupt)
05:32 - Tali shoots Legion (Entire conversation)
07:08 - Conclusion

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