Mistake corrected, and we won. You need 3 level 3 bases to beat Lord Sinister! (read description)

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5m Feb 25, 2021

I was playing with pro's who had already beat the event a few times, and they helped me realize the 1 thing I needed to do to to beat Lord Sinister. I have gotten to him 3 times, and every time he slipped away because I, or teammates failed to switch targeting to FIRST in time, so our bullets were being wasted on the endless spawns coming out in front of Lord Sinister...

BUT, there's an easier fix. You simply need 3 level 3 Military Bases, and they chew up those spawns. You can wait till like wave 14 to put in the 2nd and 3rd base. That will take care of the spawns and your shooters will home in on Lord Sinister much earlier.

I actually argued at first that we only need 1 base, and they insisted I put 3. I thought about it and realized why they said to put 3. They forced an epiphany. I was like, YOU GUYS ARE RIGHT, and I put the bases in, and we won. 2 of us had commanders down and were synchronizing their Call to Arms ability. We slayed Lord Sinister as he rounded the last corner. We were still relocating towers to the back when he fell. I admit, I was slow on moving guns to back, yet we still won. Thanks for the tip guys!

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