Coating Failure (First Try) - DIY Retro Rifle Reproduction Project - PART 6

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8m Nov 9, 2020

This is the next of a multiple part DIY Retro Rifle Repro Project series with my good friend Deviant.

Part 6 focuses on the first attempt at coating the lower to a color as close as possible to original Colt.

We hope you enjoy it!

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ph5576 @ph5576 8m 8 months ago

Seeing as this video is not "in memory of" I will assume you survived using the range hood as a paint booth. Would you advise replicating the setup, or is a poster board enclosure with a filter above recommended to reduce contain over spray or increase the spousal approval factor? And does this mean there will be more "cooking" content on the channel to put the (cooking) range in InRangeTV?

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jefprice @jefprice 7m 7 months ago

How am I the only upvote? Lower left hand corner right below the video...

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