Trivial Dispute

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7m Dec 20, 2020

Trivial Dispute

Two worlds collide when self made millionaire Trevor, owner of the third largest chain of tanning boutiques in East Surrey, committed Tory and card carrying Brexiteer, suddenly finds himself at odds with a retired academic, the cosmopolitan and liberal minded Ewan. Although at first a trivial dispute, Trevor resorts to unusual tactics and matters start to escalate...

Written and Directed by Ian Dixon Potter
Performed by Neil Summerville
​Original music composed and performed by Neil Thompson
Filmed by Ian Dixon Potter and edited by Howard White


“It’s a difficult task to keep the attention of an audience, even with a likeable character, but to tell a story through the eyes of a protagonist whom we find arrogant and repulsive is a true skill. A skill which relies heavily on the director and the actor to find a rhythm which pushes you away before clawing you back in as the stakes stack higher and higher.”

“Summerville gives an excellent portrayal of the self-obsessed Trevor. Giving his character some bite at the right moments, Summerville manages to make Trevor not entirely pleasant, but frustratingly interesting. Dixon Potter challenges the viewer to sit back and listen to Trevor’s testimony without interrupting. The conflict is as much between Trevor and Ewan, as it is between Trevor and the audience.”

“Trivial Dispute is a play that lingers with you. I spent a long time turning the characters of Trevor and Ewan over and over in my mind. Their differences should not lead to such a heated conflict, but in Dixon Potter’s world, their differences aren’t exactly trivial.

★★★★ Alexandra Wilbraham for A Younger Theatre

"Dixon Potter draws out the everyday experience of this community and the ways in which small issues become quickly magnified into personal crusades"

"Trivial Dispute is a working class story about groups who feel left behind, where ideas of patriotism, nationalism, class and wealth contend, filtered through the day-to-day experiences of the people they affect the most. As frustrating as Trevor is – certainly to the metropolitan liberal elite he despises – he is never a caricature and always a product of his age, status, geography and experiences, while Dixon Potter doesn’t make the unseen Ewan any less appealing"

"As Trevor, actor Neil Summerville gives a compellingly off-kilter performance of a man whose reputation is as prized as his classic car collection."

"The monologue neatly captures the voice of a generation of people who feel disenfranchised from the global pace and who are powerfully entrenched in their own worlds. We may not like what they have to say but as Dixon Potter creates a snowball effect within the drama it is clear how easily the individual and the state can lose control.

★★★★ Maryam Philpott for The Reviews Hub

“Some excellent observations are made about social media etiquette and how words on a screen may not be taken with the sort of tongue-in-cheek manner that would be more discernible in spoken conversation. A startling reminder, too, that one should never take oneself too seriously, even in a global pandemic.”

“Patience is rewarded for those of us who feel we have had our fill (and then some) of discussions about the consequences of That Referendum in 2016..

“one little lie is covered up by another one, and another, and so on, until it becomes increasingly difficult to maintain an entire network of untruths. Eventually, of course, it all starts to unravel, albeit in a very British and understated way,”

“I wouldn’t have guessed the plot’s ending from a mile off.”

★★★★ Chis Omaweng for London Theatre 1

“For those who find Alan Bennett’s “Talking Heads” a little twee, Ian Dixon Potter has come up with an up-to-the-minute antidote” “Increasingly edgy as his tale unfolds, he holds out attention for the entire 40 minutes. The writing is equally consistent. The tone changes around the mid-point as we shift from everyday life into something considerably more personal and toxic”

“Worth a look as a lively diversion and bookmarking the channel for future episodes.”

★★★★ Theatre Monkey

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