Operation Think Tank 2012 Part 3

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2y Oct 31, 2018

Topics this part:
00:15: Doctrinal requirements for developing the Tiger 1 and Panther
01:31: German Army opinion of Michael Wittmann, and of the Waffen SS units.
02:52: Tank Panic. WW1
05:09: IS-3 and development of Conqueror/M103
09:27: IS-3 vs IS-4
10:55: T-34 Tank Panic and its effect on German tank development.
13:22: Why did the US not use bigger guns like the British did?
17:55 Tank Destroyer doctrine.

In March of 2012, we brought together six of the most respected authors in the field of tank history, and battered them with questions submitted by the World of Tanks playerbase. You are watching the result of this four-hour Q&A.

Steve Zaloga
Harry Yeide
Hilary Doyle
David Fletcher
Rob Griffin
Kenneth Estes

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