Power Freedom Health & Strength the Platinumvk Way

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2m Mar 13, 2021

Platinumvk.com has connected the essential Dots to Optimal Health Through Natures Infinite DNA series which is only present in plants not available in Grocery Stores!!!

There is ongoing research which illustrates botanical compounds efficacy in modern medicine, this data shows impressive results of certain plant extract compounds use in overall health viability, the data further presents the direct effect certain plant compounds have on stem cell activation.

Acquiring and or preparing certain plant compounds to address various degenerative conditions has also proven viable while selecting certain plant species with low toxicity constituents.
VK Platinum and VK Boost botanical formulas contains specific plant species selected from the
planets four plant categories to address degenerative factors and optimal nutrition.
These categories include:
▪ Bryophytes (non-vascular plants species such as Mosses, Liverworts, Seaweeds, and Hornworts or 20,000 species)
▪ Pteridophytes (a vascular plant that dispenses spores because pteridophytes produce no flowers or seeds such as Ferns)
▪ Gymnosperm (a plant that has seeds unprotected by an ovary or fruit. Gymnosperms include the conifers, cycads, and ginkgo)
▪ Angiosperm (Angiosperm eggs are fertilized and develop into a seed in an ovary that is usually in a flower) None of which are agricultural plant varieties and species

What the masses are unaware of is that all of the foods that we consume are manmade, they are all products of industrial Agriculture which breed plants out one hundred generations from the original wild plant species.

The difference between Agriculture VS. Natureculture are the following:

▪ Natureculture produce vast plant varieties without human intervention
▪ Natureculture plant species has evolved over billions of years vs. agriculture a few thousand years of which the majority cannot perpetuate the species without man’s consistent intervention with chemicals, sprays, fertilizers etc., which Natureculture do not need nor require
▪ Natureculture plant species contain consistent percentages of nutrients, vitamins, amino acids, flavonoids, minerals, enzymes as well as unique revitalizing properties not available in the agricultural plants
▪ Natureculture foods wither while agriculture plants rot and mold
▪ The extreme difference of nutritional composition perfectly balanced by nature, is far superior to agricultural foods
▪ The excessive consumption of Angiosperm plants (flowering plants) which only provide humans with less than 15% of the nutrients required for good health, has morphed into a human health crisis emanating from the absence of the additional 85% of nutrients and minerals unavailable in agricultural plants we all consume throughout our lives
▪ These factors contribute greatly as the origin of poor health, disease, sickness, abnormalities, and degenerative conditions throughout the entire human populations of the earth


In a world of uncertainty, health is your primary asset. And through the limitless Power of Nature, not only can we strengthen our body defenses, we can Also choose to optimize our overall health while turbo charging our immune function.


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