All Discord Text Tricks (2021)

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In this video, I show you every Discord Text Trick that I know of. This includes all Discord Text Formatting such as bolding, coloring, etc. as well as embed links! You'll learn how to color text and format it in Discord! If you want to learn how to make your text stand out, definitely watch my text formatting tips! At the end of the video, I also show you some secret tricks such as editing messages in the middle, and sending embed links.

Links Mentioned:
➣ My Discord - https://discord.gg/rjain
➣ Rauf's Embed Generator - https://embed.rauf.wtf/
Thanks to Rauf for letting me feature this tool!
➣ Edited Character - https://unicode.flopp.net/c/202B

0:00 Strikethrough Text
0:17 Quoted Text
0:22 Single Line Code Block
0:40 Spoilers
1:00 Spoilered Images
1:13 Bolded Text
1:40 Italicized Text
2:05 Block Quotes
2:22 Multi-Line Code Block
2:43 Invisible Message
2:59 All Colored Text Methods
5:38 Embed Links
7:18 Edited Text Trick
8:00 Conclusion

Cipher by Lemmino
The Process by Lakey Inspired
Blue Boi by Lakey Inspired

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