Chara and Sans Find Shiba Inu! $1 value soon? VRchat funny moments!

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1m Jun 6, 2021

Chara heads into VRchat along with Sans and friends to tell people about Shiba Inu in this Funny VRchat episode! Just like Broly it seems, Sans has been swept away by Shiba Inu Mania! Having his own laptop and phone, the skeleton just cant seem to get enough. Sans not only talks about shiba with people, but he shows what it might be like to bury your Shiba inu in Shibaswap when it comes out!
Remember this isnt investment advice. Just a couple Undertale characters having some fun!

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Broly Decided to make a Utreon channel! Enjoy some Gameplays, VRchat, Reacts and more! HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!


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