What do Christians get wrong about the Bible?

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2m Jul 22, 2021

In this episode I host Megan Lewis and Dr. Joshua Bowen from the awesome YouTube Channel Digital Hammurabi on our series that involves Dr. Josh's book "The Atheist Handbook to the Old Testament."

Megan Lewis begins by saying that one thing Christians get wrong is that the texts of the Bible they are morally progressive when the fact of the matter is they weren't. And that slavery laws in the Bible for example are extremely comparable to those in ancient Mesopotamia.

Dr. Bowen takes us into the Mythos of the Bible itself such as the flood story and what is actually going on there in the story itself. An example being God is doing battle with the sea monsters.

He goes on to explain the bible books of the Old Testament are not radically different from other traditions in the Ancient Near East.

The biggest issue he points out is that apologists revolve around defending many things that they really don't have to or shouldn't defend.

We explore why apologists can't accept facts and viewpoints that fall outside of their narrow and nonflexible narrative.

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