Master HashMap in 50 minutes | Hashmap internal working | Java interview questions and answers

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1m Jun 10, 2021

Questions in this video are:
How does put() method of HashMap works in Java?
What is the requirement for an object to be used as key or value in HashMap?
What will happen if you try to store a key which is already present in HashMap?
Can you store a null key in Java HashMap?
Can you store a null value inside HashMap in Java?
How does HashMap handle collisions in Java?
Which data structure is used to implement HashMap in Java?
Can you store a duplicate key in HashMap?
Can you store the duplicate value in Java HashMap?
Is HashMap thread-safe in Java?
What will happen if you use HashMap in a multithreaded Java application?
What are the different ways to iterate over HashMap in Java?
Here are some of the ways to iterate over HashMap in Java:
by using keySet and iterator
by using entrySet and iterator
by using entrySet and enhanced for loop
by using keySet and get() method
What is the load factor in HashMap?
How does resizing happens in HashMap?
How many entries you can store in HashMap? What is the maximum limit?
What is the difference between the capacity and size of HashMap in Java?
What will happen if two different keys of HashMap return the same hashcode()?

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