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7y Aug 27, 2013

Read all about the Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera in my "evolving pocket camera review" blog post. Parts 1 (and very soon part 2) of the video review plus loads of other stuff is there! gopb.co/pocket

i took a break from editing part 2 of the Blackmagic pocket camera review to spend the afternoon with my family down in Kent. Although taking a break for me doesn't mean leaving the camera behind of course! Last time with them it was medium format film and my Leica M 240. Yesterday it was the pocket camera.

i really wanted to try out my vintage Angenieux 17.5-70mm zoom as well as an OIS lens on the camera. The 14-140mm kit lens. Plus I had dug out my old wooden "rifle butt" shoulder support from my 8mm bolex. This way I could get more stable shots and lose that fine vibration that mars the camera without a rig or IS.

It's a great little rig, you can see pictures of it on my blog. It's for when I want to look utterly unprofessional whilst being professional! The lovely Zacuto Marauder rig looks far too pro for filming in places where I shouldn't. This simple piece of wood does what I need when shooting in basic mode with the camera!

This is taken from part two of the review and was shot actually after I shot part 2 which technically breaks the idea of the review being evolving but I had this lovely footage and I wanted to use it!

Part 3 hasn't been filmed at all yet so don't expect it for at least a week. I am off to Venice tomorrow. Maybe I will do some filming there? :)

Music courtesy of The Music Bed. gopb.co/musicbed
"My my love" by Joshua Radin

Graded with FilmConvert 2 within Premiere CC. 10% off with code bloom or via this link gopb.co/filmconvert

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