The Big Ought Tree | A Protest Parable

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1y Jun 19, 2020

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From The Book of Intersections, Chapter IX

I met my love by the Big Ought Tree
Its fruits and leaves so fair and free.
It told us what we both should do
To save the world and make it new:
"Tear down the systems that confine,
Topple statues, demand resign
Every head of state who won't
Bend the knee to what is Woke."

And thus my love and me we got
Our friends to help with the Big Ought
Tree's great plan, and through the town
Our chants and marches did resound.
And once the Mayor bent to us,
We demanded that she trust
Us to enact the Big Tree's will—
To dismantle Capitol Hill.

And when the buildings of the State
Were but some cinders—then we ate
The fruit the Big Ought Tree bequeathed:
The Knowledge of what lies beneath
Every system, good or bad:
It's all just Power! And so we had
Our senators and teachers stand
Upon a platform, beside the band.

And one by one we hung them high
As music gleeful filled the sky!
We laughed and shouted as they pissed
And shat themselves—naught was amiss.
For they who ran the systems that
Oppressed us, and the habitat
Destroyed—our leaders duly paid
For all mistakes our culture made.

Then back we went, my love and me,
To where stood proud the Big Ought Tree.
We climbed its boughs, and there we slept
And when we woke, all that was left
Of society was ash—we thrilled
At this our chance to finally build
A daring, bright utopia
Free of the old myopia.

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