Our Top 50 Mecha Anime Songs (Mass Rank Set 2)

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1m Sep 22, 2021

2 years have passed since Set 1, so Set 2 is here (?
This Set has more variety than the first, also having an unexpected #1, lol. Anyway I really liked the result.
Btw, this is the first GR where I use my new nickname, nice.
Many thanks to those who participated 🦀

Se han cumplido 2 años desde Set 1, así que aquí está el Set 2 (?
Este Set tuvo más variedad que el primero, además de tener un #1 unexpected. De todas formas me gusto mucho el resultado.
Btw, este es la primera GR en la que uso mi nuevo nickname, nice.
Muchas gracias a los que participaron 🦀

Set 1: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vW8iDIZBLo0


Tiebreaker: Tatsumakiette (BOT)

Anilist: https://anilist.co/user/DATKeitaro/

About Keitaro

Maybe you come from the DiegoAT Channel and yes, that's me. Anyway you can call me Keitaro or Diego, no problem. I make lists of Anisong and J-Music, basically. PS: Currently fan of vtubers and garbage music. Discord: Keitaro#0555


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