Cities Skylines Videos Episode 36

Hippie Commune and Organic Farm Pt 1

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1m Feb 23, 2021

Hello everyone, and welcome to my new series where I will be building from scratch my new city in Cities Skylines. We begin our second series of Cities Skylines by changing up how we do things on our videos. We are going with a new map, unlimited cash, everything unlocked and we will be recording on a time lapse. We are going for more of a focus on looks, decorations, and function rather than just building up to a megalopolis. This episode we begin working on our hippie commune as well as our organic farm, just so we never have to deal with it again. We get main roads down, build a second interchange, and zone most of the commune as well as a bit of the farming area. We also get the tram lines running even though the transit mod that I have isn't the best for me as I need my transit mod to be as simple as I am.

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