[#Covfefe Break] Gabby Petito, Pandora Papers, #LetsGoBrandon, and Julian Assange; w/ Sunny Lohmann

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2w Oct 4, 2021

Carter is joined by guest host Sunny Lohmann. They begin by diving into the Gabby Petito story, challenging the notion that the extensive media coverage the case has been given is evidence of "missing white woman syndrome." Sunny asserts that feminism was responsible for the failure of police to intervene further than they did, and Carter inquires about why people stay in abusive relationships. This leads to a discussion about abuse, manipulation, and Adverse Childhood Experience scores. Next, they tackle the increasing "rule by men" rather than "rule by law" that has resulted from an overly complicated legal code and psychologically litigious society.

The two then analyze the "Let's Go, Brandon" euphemism for "F*ck Joe Biden" that has become popularized in recent days, citing it as a reason to have hope about the American population and its relation to the Cathedral. They briefly cover the much-hyped "Pandora Papers," the indemnification status of pharmaceutical companies, and the CIA's secret plans to kidnap and/or assassinate Julian Assange. After a discussion about why Edward Snowden is a hero, they end by considering that leaders of private companies like Facebook are not, in fact, the heroic free market icons that many fans of Ayn Rand make them out to be.

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