Live Convo: Jim Hanson - Winning the Second Civil War Without Firing A Shot

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2m May 26, 2021

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Jim is President of Security Studies group and previously served in US Army Special Forces.

He has now shifted his focus to the battle going on now for the soul of America. There is an ongoing effort by the activist Left to claim this country is infected with Systemic Racism and the the very core of America is rotten and must be replaced.

Jim is a leader among the many people who believe that while the country is not perfect, it does not need to be turned into a socialist "paradise" to fix it.

This is not always a popular place to be, but as he says. "I've seen worse things than people shooting smears at me and calling me names."

He just released the first book in Freedom Manuals -- Defeating the Social(ist) Justice Mob series. It's called the Myth of White Fragility and reality checks the anti-racism handbook White Fragility by Robin DiAngelo.

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