This weird email just got a publisher BANNED from Steam!

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3y Feb 15, 2018

Small developer and publisher Insel Games has had its games removed from Steam by Valve. Why? Well the company leadership sent round an oddly aggressive email to staff asking them to buy and review the game, and warning everyone there will be one on one discussions about this if they don’t want to do it.

Hosts: Mike Williams and Jake Kulkowski
Script: Mike Williams
Editor: Jake Kulkowski

Steam - https://steamcommunity.com/games/681860/announcements/detail/1680276769864923201
Reddit- https://www.reddit.com/r/Steam/comments/7x5p94/insel_games_ceo_threatened_employees_to_force/?st=jdn0s2nw&sh=2208d269
Wild Busters gameplay: MMOS.COM

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