Why You Wouldn’t Survive a Titanfall Nuclear Ejection (1 Obvious Reason)

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1y Jan 10, 2020

In the game Titanfall, an ability you can use is called the nuclear ejection. Basically you eject and your titans nuclear reactor detonates killing all nearby enemies. But could the pilot of a titan actually survive a titan nuclear ejection?

So to eject, the pilot clicks three buttons, and yanks a lever. Then the nuclear reactor overloads and detonates a few seconds later allowing the pilot to destroy surrounding enemy troops while fleeing to safety. That all sounds well and dandy.. Except… The pilots are ejecting to ensure their survival. Right. I'm not sure it would help the pilot if, 3 seconds after he ejected from the titan he was vaporized in a nuclear blast…

If an enemy nuclear ejected turning your homeland into radioactive hellhole, would you execute the pilot? Leave a like.

Do you think nuclear ejections could be effective and survivable? Let me know in the comments.

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