Why is it Harder to walk Uphill than Downhill ? General knowledge @Seriously True

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5m Feb 11, 2021

It is harder to walk uphill than downhill because you must lift the weight of your body and to do this requires greater energy than that needed for walking on the level. To create this greater energy your muscles require to give extra lift, your heart has more work to do to feed the blood cells and remove their waste matter and your lungs have more work to do to remove the carbon dioxide from your heart and replenish it with oxygen. That is why the steeper the climb and the more concentrated the effort, the more quickly you breathe. If you are out of condition you start to “pant” to gulp in extra oxygen. In comparison to the energy necessary for walking on a horizontal plane, the total value of the extra energy needed for climbing is the weight of your body times the height you are to reach.
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