18 Minutes of Dark Deity Gameplay (no commentary)

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1m Jun 17, 2021

For anyone curious about how this new release plays. If you want to see more gameplay videos, with or without commentary, then please comment and let me know.

Thoughts on the game so far:

-The animations are nice. The game is a definite throwback to GBA Fire Emblem. This is good because GBA FE games are solid and, but it's not so good in that this game doesn't seem to put forth many original ideas.

-And on that note, original ideas is where a lot of these FE clones come up short. Stats in Dark Deity basically do the same things as you'd expect in FE. Archers have 2 range, just like in FE. Mages have 1-2 range, just like in FE. The graphics themselves feel like they belong in a high-quality GBA FE Romhack. Perhaps as I get further in the game, originality will start to shine through. For now though, I'm not seeing it. Dark Deity feels extremely derivative, which is again a good and bad thing.

-Storytelling is confusing. Dark Deity throws several characters at you within the first few minutes and you have no idea who they are. Contrast this with, say, FE7 which opened with just you (the tactician) and Lyn. Or FE8 which opened up with just Eirika, Seth, and Valter. I understand that there will probably be a progressive buildup in Dark Deity, but one of the keys of good storytelling is gradually acclimating your players into the complexities. "Gradually" being the key word here.

-On the positive, I do appreciate the options the game gives you for campaign customization. You can dictate certain things, like whether stat growth is RNG based or static.

Overall, I'm not incredibly impressed with the game so far, but I'm not even 20 minutes into it yet so this could very easily change in the future. Right now, it just feels really unoriginal.

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