Origins of the Crusades - EXPLAINED

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5m Apr 7, 2021

In this episode I interview Dr. Jacob Lackner from the awesome history YouTube Channel Nizzahon History on why the Crusades actually happened.

From historiography to heated conversations online we see a variety of narratives pushed that attempt to frame the Crusades in a way that oftentimes creates misconceptions and distortions of historical facts and sources.

Was the Crusades due to unstoppable Islamic expansion?
Were the Crusades unchecked colonial genocide carried out by Europeans?
Why did the Europeans participate in the Crusades?
What were the motives of the Crusaders themselves?

Dr. Lackner briefly and thoroughly takes us into the complicated subject and explains its complexity and leaves you with a far better understanding of the Crusades and those who took part in them.

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Academia Page: https://ou.academia.edu/JacobLackner

Twitter : https://twitter.com/Lackner_J

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