The Mother Of All Truth Bombs #10: QAnon, The Clintons and Chris Paul

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3y Jan 18, 2018

Thank you for tuning into another episode of The Mother Of All Truth Bombs With Sam Tripoli. I just got a new camera so I wanted to test it out. Pleas bare with me as I get how to use this camera down! This episodes I talk about.....
Q is right again
A) Orbital Weapons Lancet
B) Happy Hunting
C) the Japanese Missile Alarm

Jorge Garcia departed
a) why because of paper work?
B) 30 years and married?
C) life is in the gray!

People are still hoping Clinton will be president
A) mental illness it’s Over
B) Haiti
C) Agents Of misinformation

CP3 and Adam Silver

About Tin Foil Hat with Sam Tripoli

We go deep homeboy.


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