Practical Field Training with "Spetznaz" AK74

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3y Aug 10, 2017

If you're interested in attending this course, please contact Independence Training here:


The emphasis at most training venues and matches has shifted to a focus on either CQB close range or precision long range, thus leaving a significant gap in the middle for intermediate ranges - specifically 100 to 300 yards in the field.

Field conditions are not range conditions and Independence Training has put together a 1 day course that intends to fill this gap.

Karl attended their first test day and brought his "Spetznaz" AK74 along for the ride.

So, in this video you get a taste of these field conditions & their new training course, but also see the "Spetznaz" AK74 put up to the test against everyone else's AR15s.

Finnish LBV here:

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