Elon Updates Starship Design, Lunar Starship Interior Leak, Starlink Pricing Reveal

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1w Nov 21, 2020

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0:00 Intro: Elon Musk updates on SpaceX Starship design after Starship SN8 static fire test, NASA Artemis moon mission could be delayed again, SpaceX Starlink Internet satellites pricing is revealed.
0:51 Before the 15 km SpaceX Starship test flight or Starship hop can take place, some SpaceX Starship interior design changes are required.
3:39 As for more SpaceX Boca Chica news, an interior mockup of the SpaceX lunar Starship is spotted by BocaChicaGal.
5:59 The next NASA administrator could be less motivated to achieve the Artemis 2024 moon landing goal than Jim Bridenstine, hence a private SpaceX moon mission with Starship lunar lander could take place before NASA Artemis moon mission.
9:52 SpaceX Starlink speed test shows extremely positive results and the revenue from SpaceX Starlink Internet network will be used to finance Elon Musk's 1000 Starship / Super Heavy fleet at Boca Chica.

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