Call of Duty 2021 Goes back to WWII? | Ghost of Tsushima Movie | Monster Hunter Rise Sells 4 Million

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2m Mar 29, 2021

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0:00 Intro
0:07 Call of Duty 2021 Goes back to WWII?
3:37 Ghost of Tsushima Movie
6:56 Monster Hunter Rise Sells 4 Million
8:26 Outro

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adamwilliams @adamwilliams 2m 2 months ago

I feel like they should make Ghosts 2. Fix the mistakes they made in the first game. Even if they just do a campaign, I just wanna see what happens to Logan. I just realized that this game will be Sledgehammer’s last chance at making their own Cod games. now i am focusing to improve my game and following your guidelines and this COD site https://www.downsights.com/

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