ODDcast | Episode #1 | ODD Squad Introduction

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1m Sep 18, 2021

Thank you for tuning in to ODDcast. This is a show I tried to
do back in 2016, but I was alone and I attempted to have a new guest on each week.
I was done after 7 shows. It just took way too much of my time to track down
a fresh guest that I would want to have on, and I no longer had time to create
new videos. So I did some thinking this past year because I wanted to bring the
show back, but in a new and exciting way. Not to mention, much more stable and
manageable. So I decided to approach two of my gorgeous lady friends and offer
them spots as co-hosts. They blessed me by saying yes and now we have the
opportunity to bring you a powerful show every Saturday in a unique format
within the truth community. So that's as much as I'll say here so the 3 of us
can tell you more about the awesome things we have planned for your weekly ODDcast,
while we introduce ourselves and our new show. Kill the Programming & Never Sleep Again.

1st hour will be broadcast over facebook and youtube.

Both hours are available on Rokfin at

The 2nd hour is completely uncensored.
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Welcome to O.D.D Truth-A-Vision. I've been writing, rapping, producing instrumental music, plus mixing and mastering for 20+ years. After discovering my passion for truth-seeking in 2012, I decided to make all my music in the name of the truth.


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