The Ford Probe Story

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4m Oct 22, 2020

In 1985 Coca Cola released new Coke. In a move that became the poster child for one of the largest catastrophes in marketing history, they ended production of the Coke taste people loved and replaced it with something they didn’t want. Just two years later Ford nearly followed Coke with a Japanese engineered, front wheel drive Mustang that didn’t even have an all-American V8. Thankfully wiser heads prevailed, although in a rush to find a new name for the car Ford did use a pre-approved name that sounded more like some sort of medical device. So, why did Ford approve a Mustang replacement customers revolted over, and what did they think of it when it was launched?

Music for the launch of the Probe: "Church of 8 Wheels" from the YouTube audio library.

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