The Most HEROIC Medics from Each Fighting Country [WW2]

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1y Sep 22, 2019

As many of us know, not all war stories have fairy tale endings. For every man who managed to completely avoid the dangers around him and come out of the war unscathed, there were thousands upon thousands more that were less fortunate and who happened to be caught by machine gun fire and shrapnel, inflicted by disease, frostbitten by the cold, burned in tanks and planes and a variety of other horrific injuries that posed an immediate threat to the victims life. And so, when these men on the front-lines inevitably began succumbing to the hell-fire around them, a new front-line emerged, a front-line consisting of men and women whose job it was to preserve as much life as they could on the battlefield, whilst facing the exact same dangers as their fallen brothers. These people of course, were the combat medics of the war. An under-rated and under-featured part of World War 2 that we here on the Front aim to change in today’s video.

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From the horrifying to the heroic, we preserve the lesser-known stories of war, focusing, for the time being, on the deadliest war in human history, World War II.


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