The Volkswagen Corrado Story

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2m Dec 1, 2020

When the Corrado burst on the scene in the late 80’s I was a massive VW fanboy, but even I was left scratching my head on this one. This car, that looked like a mk2 Golf, from memory, was being sold for more than £20,000 ($27,000 USD, €22,000, $36,500 AUD)! That thousands more than the Scirocco that I occasionally got to drive and adored. And with the same engine shoehorned into a Golf, the Corrado wasn’t any quicker. Just who was the car aimed at? Volvo owners who wanted a boxy sports car?
So just why did this car come about, and what’s the Corrado’s legacy?

Music: "Get Tough" by "TrackTribe" from the YouTube Audio Library.

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