TheFatRat Mix #3

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1y Aug 10, 2020

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Table of Contents

Timecode Title
00:00 Prelude (VIP Edit) with JJD
03:35 Dancing Naked
07:20 Do Be Do Be Do
10:51 Less Than Three
13:22 Time Lapse
16:05 Xenogenesis
19:48 No No No
22:43 The Calling
26:32 Telescope
29:49 Elegy
33:01 Epic
35:48 Infinite Power
39:10 Unity
42:32 Windfall
46:00 Monody
50:45 Jackpot
52:56 Never Be Alone

About Electronic Nation

Electronic Nation is a channel that mix, mash and extend copyright free electronic music, especially NCS’ music. Music featured could be used in your own videos/livestreams!


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