Rome VS Parthia: The Tradition of Rome and Parthia's Rivalry ~ Dr. Nikolaus L. Overtoom

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1y Apr 25, 2020

In this lecture Dr. Overtoom a phenomenal storyteller and lecturer takes us deep into the history of competition and political relations between the Roman and Parthian Empires and the centuries long rivalry that developed and how this rivalry had an effect upon the Roman psyche.

We explore vicious and unforgiving battlefields, Roman-Parthian Cold War throughout the Ancient Near East as two of the greatest empires in history struggle for control of the Middle East. Starting at the end of the Republic we follow this struggle for dominance to the near end of the Western Roman Empire and the birth of the Sasanian Empire. And even as the Western Empire was collapsing around them we see from the writings of the ancient Romans themselves that they longed to see a conquest fulfilled that in their mind would lead to the Roman dominance of the world.

I truly loved this lecture and I was left in awe by the insightful knowledge and storytelling ability of Dr. Overtoom and I hope that you all do as well.

Dr. Nikolaus Leo Overtoom is the Assistant Professor in Ancient History at Washington State University. He has published ten articles and two book chapters on subjects such as the image of Alexander the Great, ancient imperialism and propaganda, ancient international relations, ancient militarism, and Parthian interactions with the Greeks and Romans. His current scholarship focuses on the rivalry of the Parthians with their Greek, Persian, and Roman neighbors in the Hellenistic period. Oxford University Press is publishing his monograph, Reign of Arrows: The Rise of the Parthian Empire in the Hellenistic Middle East, in May 2020.

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Excellent Footage of Cave Reliefs by Mirase Arka
Cave Reliefs in Khong Azhdar –Khuzestan Province – Parthian & Elamite Period

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