Live Convo: Forced to resign for supporting Donald Trump, with guest Michael Shane

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8m Nov 19, 2020

Michael Shane was forced to resign as the president of the board of Los Angeles LGBTQ Chamber of Commerce when other members discovered he supported President Donald Trump via social media.

Michael is a veteran luxury marketing consultant with a passion for travel and adventure. Among other projects in cannabis, tech and solar, he is the Global Director of Curated Global Travel - a luxury travel concierge service focused on designing, one-of-a-kind, culturally immersive, unforgettable experiences for ALL families.

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stewinarizona @stewinarizona 8m 8 months ago

No one cares or is bothered by the fact that you are gay. We just don't believe you should be asking taxpayers to pay for your sex change operations. And your overly flamboyant attitudes are a bit off-putting. If a non-gay was openly in your face this much YOU probably wouldn't like it either. Keep your sex in your pants and we'll all get along fine. So - what IS your major concern with TRUMP and the LGBTQ... community?

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