Technical short: Blokesplaining the difference between a G41 and a "Bang" gas system

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5y Jun 9, 2016

Please excuse the state of the blackboard and the sketches.... Will do better next time!

Bloke goes all science teacher and blokesplains why a G41 does not have a "Bang"-type gas system on the basis of some chalk schematics tortured from patent documents.

For info on the Bang rifle and system, see here: https://www.forgottenweapons.com/m1-garand-development/danish-bang-rifle/
And for an explanation of the G41(W) and its gas system, see the video from Forgotten Weapons here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=m38NQLwpQgo

The original Bang patent is here: http://worldwide.espacenet.com/publicationDetails/originalDocument?CC=CH&NR=24570A&KC=A&FT=D&ND=3&date=19030131&DB=&locale=en_EP

And the one from Steyr is here: http://worldwide.espacenet.com/publicationDetails/biblio?CC=GB&NR=191208798&KC=&FT=E&locale=en_EP

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